Water Aid promotes hand washing among Nyamagabe residents

By UMUHIRE Valentin


Alongside the Water Aid’s usual activities of providing clean water access, promoting hygiene and sanitation as their primary mission, the organization has committed to promoting hand washing among the districts of its operations in this time of Covid-19 which has ravaged Rwanda and the entire world. 

Water Aid Staff and Nyamagabe District Officials in a consultative meeting 

At a planning meeting that Water Aid had with Nyamagabe District’s administration, one of the districts it is operating, the sanitation organization presented last fiscal year’s achievements and plans for the next fiscal year. 

Mayor of Nyamagabe District, Uwamahoro Bonaventure, said that in this Covid-19 time, Water Aid has highly helped the district to fight the pandemic in addition to other activities the organization is usually carrying out including providing clean water access to the district’s residents, to schools and health facilities, and helping residents develop their own sanitation facilities through making savings in groups, among others.

Water Aid Coordinator in Nyamagabe District, Mrs Jeannette Murekatete, said 637 saving groups have so far been established around the district in which members save some money and can access micro-credits which they use in constructing their toilets and other sanitation facilities. 

At this time Rwanda and the entire world are fighting the novel coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19, Water Aid has helped the district to sensitize citizens on prevention measures and every sector in the district received sound systems that help spread the messages in their respective communities. The organization also has also played a role in using mass media such as radio as the most suitable way which has been chosen to update citizens from their home about the pandemic.

Besides that, at the meeting which brought together Nyamagabe District’s administration and Water Aid at the district’s offices on 4th June, 2020, the district’s leaders received sanitary materials including 1960 litres of soap and 1310 litres of hand sanitizer which will be delivered to the district’s hospital, 19 health centres, the Kigeme Congolese refugee camp and Nyamagabe prison. 

The district’s mayor asked the stakeholder to consider, in this fiscal year, urgent facilities including establishing hand washing stations in public venues, and the selected venues include Nyamagabe market whose launch is in the offing, at the bus park, at Gasarenda centre and in Kaduha.

Such kind of Hand washing station are going to be built in different areas of Nyamagabe District

The Chief Operations Officer at WaterAid –Rwanda, Mr Mbarushimana Jean Paul, appreciated the district’s good collaboration and said the organisation is gearing efforts into establishing hand washing facilities at schools so that they will have been availed before the beginning of the next academic year.

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