Covid-19: Care for Kids helping children’s families  cope with the effects of covid-19



Care for Kids -Germany via Care for Kids -Rwanda has started providing food aid to the children who need it most among the children the organization helps in Rwanda, especially those living with HIV.

The initiative aims to help children who are already in need across the country in the poorest communities to survive, in this time when the world is currently facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The grant was initially awarded to ten children, but Care for Kids – Germany by Care for Kids – Rwanda plans to support the remaining 18 children in the near future.

In addition to this grant, the organization is already funding the school fees of about 28 children in different regions of Rwanda, including those living with HIV. It also trains teachers in public and private schools with XO laptops, each year nationwide on teaching methods with laptops. This training is provided by Eng Tony Anderson of the United States. And graduates receive certificates.

Thanks to the organization Care for Kids Germany, every year German children collect around 500 school bags and send them to Rwanda to help their peers. Care for Kids- Rwanda gives these bags to poor children in different schools in Rwanda. Each school receives 50 student bags containing materials for students, such as school uniforms, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.)

In addition, Care for Kids-Germany, through Care for Kids- Rwanda, pays stipend money to interns each year. They are trained by the organization at computer and IT utilization at schools and work for one year. At completion they receive a certificate about their skills to use it for their future profession.

After providing food to children who are already receiving help, Care for Kids-Germany via Care for Kids Rwanda also plans to create a health mutual for them.

Care for Kids-Germany is an international organization based in Germany. She has been responsible for helping children from very poor families with learning difficulties. In Rwanda, the organization conducts its activities through Care for Kids-Rwanda.


Care for Kids-Rwanda

Brother Emmanuel Bandirimba, National Coordinator

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