Rwanda: More companies cleared for limited operation during COVID 19 lockdown


The Government of Rwanda has cleared around 21 activities to continue operations on limited scale .These activities are following other 4 projects which remain running during this period due to  their priorities as it is guaranteed in the Prime Minister decisions on COVID19.

Minister Claver Gatete of Infrastructure (Many activities cleared are related to infrastructure)

In the message spread electronically, The minister of Infrastructure Ambassador Claver GATETE argue concerned institutions and authorities to ensure the implementation of these activities  but respecting lockdown  decisions where necessary. In that e-mail, Minister GATETE says “all these companies would only use essential staff, maximize use of machines where possible and abide by the instructions of the Ministry of Health regarding COVID-19 (use masks, was hands frequently, keep a distance of 1 meter apart, temperature measurement and report any suspected cases of COVID-19).”

List of activities cleared for limited operations during COVID19 lockdown

  1. Construction of Gatonde Hospital,
  2. Construction of Nyabikenke Hospital,
  3. Renovation of Kibuye Hospital,
  4. Waste Water Treatment Plant of Bushenge and Muhima Hospitals,
  5. Construction of IRCAD Africa,
  6. Rehabilitation of Kiziguro Hospital,
  7. Construction of Nyamicucu Health Centre,
  8. Rehabilitation of Waste Treatment Plant at Ministry of Health Head Office,
  9. Construction of Gakoro Health Post in Musanze District, all of the above 9 projects being implemented by Reserve Force are important for the health sector,

10  Schools construction under the support of WB in different districts of 2,704 additional classrooms and 3,648 latrines for Quality best education for Human Capital development project.

11    Construction of 6 TVET Schools at the Borders located in GICUMBI district (Cyumba and Mukarange Sectors), BURERA (Cyanika and Kivuye Sectors) and NYAGATARE (Tabagwe and Matimba sectors) and the above mentioned projects need to be completed in July 2020.

12    Construction of 19 blocks of G+1 (152 classrooms) buildings located in the following districts; Rusizi, Muhanga, Karongi, Rutsiro, Burera, Gicumbi, Nyagatare, Huye and Rubavu.

13 Mary Hill Girls Secondary School internal works that must be completed before school resumes.

14    One Strategic Project of Sheraton hotel opposite Marriot hotel by Yelcy group.

15 Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park – proper maintenance of planted trees and nurseries is critical to avoid further deterioration.

16    Landscape restoration and Integrated Water resources management in Sebeya river and other catchments project – to reduce land degradation, river sedimentation and flooding in Rustiro and Ngororero districts.

  1. Project for the Mitigation of destructive floods affecting the volcano area by rehabilitating 4 gullies in Musanze and Burera.

18    Rehabilitation and expansion of Gihira water treatment plant project.

  1. Insurance companies accepted include:

Sanlam General, Sanlam life, Sonarwa general, Sonarwa life, Prime general, Prime life, BK general insurance, Britam insurance, MUA insurance, Radiant insurance, UAP insurance and Mayfair insurance.

  1. Companies to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment

Barrier Masks (21 Companies). These are:

(a) Textile Companies to produce masks include: Pink Mango, UTEXRWA, New Kigali Designers and Outfitters Ltd, Ufaco Vlisco, Burera Garments, Promota Creations, Gahaya Links, T-Kay Investments, House of Shepards, Vision Garments, JANIYA Investment Ltd, M6, DIKAM Ltd, Kigali Garment Center, Great Garment Generation, Supreme Garments Ltd, U &M Garments Ltd, Sartoria Designers, Tai Rwanda, UZI Collections, Apparel Manufacturing Group (AMG).

(b)  Surgical Masks: Pink Mango, PharmaLab, Chillington,

(c). Face Shields: Fab Lab

(d). Coverall:  Pink Mango

  1. LTC YAMEI RWANDA Ltd: manufacturing of mosquito nets.

List of construction projects which have been cleared before 

1.Energy projects – approved projects are: Hakan energy project (Gisagara) and Bugesera – Shango transmission line. These are to continue with only essential workers (no workers from Huye district for Hakan project).

2.Housing projects – approved projects to continue with only essential workers are CHOGM projects (KFH, Kanombe Military Hospital VIP, Golf project, and works at KCC). Projects for the 4th July (Kaborogota IDP model village, road and works at Gatunda hospital) will also continue with only essential workers.

3.Road projects – Huye – Kibeho road, Pindura – Bweyeye, CHOGM roads in CoK, airport expansion and 54 KM road project in City of Kigali  to continue with limited number and intensive use of machines. Also major road maintenance such as land slides, bridges, road repair, storm water, etc,  have to continue.

4.Water projects – Pipe network installation in the City of Kigali to continue with limited work force and intensive use of machines where possible.  Kigali bulk water treatment plant project (Metito project) to continue with limited workers.


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